Long Time No Update… Per Usual.

I know, I know, I am THE worst blogger on the planet. Most of the time I forget I even have this blog!

Well I think it’s safe to say that Veda’s finally in the “cooing” stage. You sort of don’t even notice she’s doing it, it kind of crept up on me, until one day she was hungry and let out a big ol’ yell! It’s quite cute 🙂

She’s been nursing pretty well over the past few weeks. We usually are able to for around 15 minutes in the morning when we wake up, and a couple times throughout the day. I usually put a little breastmilk in her formula whenever I make a bottle anyways. I’ve been able to come to terms with not being very successful with nursing and don’t feel so guilty. Just knowing that she’s fed and healthy, I’m happy!

I cannot believe how much she’s grown just over the past month, it’s completely unbelievable. Earlier I was looking through pictures from when she was 1-3 weeks old, and it’s so hard to believe she used to be that little! It happened right in front of me I didn’t even see it happen. Where did my little newborn baby go?!?!

We’ve got a Dr.’s appointment on Monday for her checkup and I’m super anxious to see how much she weighs and how much she’s grown. She’s such a big, strong girl, I’m so proud of her.

I always say I’ll “update in a few days,” but we all know that never happens. But whatever, I’ll update in a few days 🙂